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GE Genesis is a series of passenger locomotives produced by GE Transportation Systems, a subsidiary of General Electric. Between the period of 1992 and 2001, 332 of these locomotives were built for Amtrak, VIA Rail, and Metro-North. The Genesis series of locomotives was designed by General Electric in response to a specification published by Amtrak and ultimately selected over a competing design presented by GM EMD. The Genesis series are unique among current North American diesel-electric locomotives because of their low height. This height restriction allowed the locomotive to travel easily through low-profile tunnels in the Northeast Corridor. The Genesis series is lower than even the previous-generation F40PH by 14 inches, and is the only Amtrak locomotive that meets the clearance requirements on every Amtrak route. The Genesis series are unique among recently manufactured North American passenger locomotives in that they use single, monocoque, carbody design thus making them lighter, aerodynamic, and more fuel efficient than its predecessors. However this makes it more costly and time consuming to maintain, causing Amtrak to install bolt-on nose cones. As an example of the improvements over the predecessor locomotives, the Genesis uses 22% less fuel than the F40PH while producing 25% more output. This is due to a brand-new patented, integrated four-section fuel tank system, which limits the amount of fuel consumed by the unit when operating as well as limiting the amount spilled in an accident where the tank is punctured.[vague] In addition, all Genesis locomotives are four-stroke engines instead of the two-stroke engines previously used in EMD counterparts. The Genesis unit is a fully computerized locomotive which automatically controls all on-board functions thus producing high reliability while keeping the maintenance requirements low. For example the Genesis' computers will automatically reduce the power plant's output in the event that the locomotive is overheating, low oil pressure, low water pressure, reduced airflow into the intakes, thus making it still operable. [READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE] is not affiliated with or endorsed by wikipedia. wikipedia and the wikipedia globe are registered trademarks of
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