Cave of Swallows

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The Cave of Swallows, also called Cave of the Swallows is a pit cave situated in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The entrance lies along a sloped section of karst and measures approximately 160 by 205 feet (49 by 62 m). The entrance is undercut around its entire perimeter, and the pit opens up to a room that measures approximately 995 by 440 feet (303 by 134 m). The low point of the entrance provides a 1094 feet (333 m) freefall drop to the bottom of the cave while the high point provides a 1220 feet (372 m) freefall drop. These measures make it the largest cave shaft in the world, second deepest pit in Mexico and the 11th deepest in the world. The cave is known to have been shaped by the erosion of water in a fault of an impermeable limestone plain, and is roughly conical in overall shape. The cave was first documented on 27 December 1966 by T. R. Evans, Charles Borland, and Randy Sterns. although was known to local Huastec people since ancient times. The cave's depth draws many tourists to the area. It is deep enough to allow BASE jumping from the mouth, and a person without a parachute would take approximately 5 seconds to fall from the top of the cave to the bottom. As a result, many extreme sporting enthusiasts accept the challenge to BASE jump from the mouth of the cave. There also has been a recorded instance when an average-sized hot air balloon was navigated inside of the 160-foot (49 m) wide mouth of the cave. The cave is also a popular Vertical Caving destination. Rappelling to the bottom of the cave typically takes a few minutes, and ascending back out an hour or more. The high side of the entrance is covered in heavy foliage, so cavers will typically fix their rope on the low side, which is clear of obstructions and easily accessed. Inside the cave, temperatures are typically low. Around the mouth of the cave, vegetation grows thickly. Rains can cause the mouth of the cave to become like a waterfall, as water cascades into the cave. [READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE] is not affiliated with or endorsed by wikipedia. wikipedia and the wikipedia globe are registered trademarks of
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